Clinical trials are scientific studies which, depending on their type, can:

  • demonstrate that generic drugs are similar to the original drugs, both in terms of therapeutic effect and safety in administration (bioequivalence studies);
  • evaluate the pharmacokinetics and assess the safety of the administration, the subjects included in the study are healthy volunteers (phase I trials);
  • evaluate the effectiveness and safety of drug administration (phase II studies);
  • determine the efficacy and safety of the drug during studies (phase III studies);
  • evaluate the efficacy, adverse reactions and long-term specific pharmacokinetic properties of the drug (phase IV studies).
Clinical trials are carried out on volunteers. To participate in a study, a volunteer must meet certain criterias, defined in a study protocol.
To participate in clinical trials, you have to go through one of the following steps:
  • Go to our main page and fill out the online Questionnaire for volunteers, or
  • Contact our company directly and request a meeting for information and registration.
By any of the methods above, we record you in our database. Persons who meet the conditions to participate in a clinical trial will be contacted by the representatives of our company.
Our volunteers always get financial compensation!