Clinical Laboratory

The Clinical Laboratory allows a safe, fast and efficient way to evaluate all participating subjects.

Our Clinical Laboratory is certified by the Romanian Accreditation Association (RENAR).  SR EN ISO 15189:2007 certification to perform hematology, biochemistry, urine analysis and immunology(screening tests for hepatitis B and C, and HIV).


The Clinical Laboratory uses equipment that achieve the required performance:
  • Automatic biochemistry analyzer Konelab 20i;
  • Automated hematology analyzer MINDRAY BC5300;
  • Urine analyzer DOC U READER 2;
  • Binocular Microscope BM-100;
  • Semiautomatic pipettes;
  • Coagulometer TROMBOTIMER 2;
  • SmartLabs software;
  • Centrifuge Centurion K241R;
  • Laboratory refrigerator;
  • Laboratory freezer.
The safety of biological samples, reagents and calibrators is provided by the centralized Testo Saveris system that enables automatic measurement of temperature and humidity in the following critical areas:
  • refrigerators;
  • freezers;
  • workrooms.
Being "in house", the Clinical Laboratory represents a safe, fast and efficient way to evaluate the volunteers anytime during the clinical trials.