Our Bioanalytical laboratory operates in a distinct (access controlled) area of research center, and  is equipped withstate of the art” equipment. Access to the area is restricted and controlled. The bioanalytical laboratory is protected by sophisticated systems for monitoring temperature, humidity, or access and any kind of activity.


Our team of analysts, is ready to develop, validate and implement any type of bio-analytical methods for LC-MS/MS.


All activities are regulated, monitored and regularly audited, based on standard operating procedures.


Long term preservation of biological samples is ensured by a number of modern freezers, also monitored, which are situated in the secure area of the laboratory.


Bioanalytical laboratory services:

  •      Bioanalytical Method Development
  •      Bioanalytical Method Validation
  •      Sample Preparation / Processing
  •      Bioanalytical Measurement
  •      Logging
  •      Bioanalytical Data Processing
  •      Bioanalytical Report
  •      Other Services