Clinical Unit

The Clinical Unit provides protection and safety for the participating subjects.


The Clinical and Analytical Research Center has a clinical unit with 33 beds, equipped with necessary medical equipment to carry out clinical trials and ensure the highest standards of safety and security of its subjects.


In total there are eight wards, two wards with six beds, three wards with five beds and two wards with two beds. One ward with two beds is used as an intensive care unit. Each ward has its own bathroom, TV and internet, ensuring the comfort and well-being of the participants.


For the surveillance of the subjects there is a 24/7 monitoring system available, as well as a nurse call alarm system available in all wards and toilets.


The clinical unit has an intensive care unit with two beds, equipped with the following medical emergency equipment:

  • Portable defibrillator
  • Hemodynamic monitor
  • First aid kit
  • Portable ventilator
  • Infusion pump
  • Automatic syringe
  • ECG
  • Surgical aspirator
  • Emergency trolley
Standardized meals, provided by an authorized catering company, are served daily in the living room of the clinical unit, where volunteers can also relax while watching television, playing fun games, but books and editorials are also available.
The facility has a dedicated Investigational Product storage room, with controlled climate (for temperature and humidity) and limited access even for the authorized personnel.
The temperature and humidity within the room is monitored and controlled by a centralized electronic system called Testo Saveris, which continuously uploads and saves the measured data onto an externally backed up secure server.
The archive also has controlled climate (for temperature and humidity), has a water level sensor in case of flooding, which is connected to the centralized smoke detection system and fire alarm, and has a centralized fire suppression system.