The Clinical and Analytical Research Center is composed of the following units:

  • Clinical Unit
  • Investigational Drug Storage Room
  • Bioanalytical Laboratory
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Sample and documents archive
  • Quality Assurance Department
  • Data Management Department
  • Study Monitoring Department

The Research Center  conducts  bioequivalence clinical trials in a professional environment, under strict control of the following systems:

  • Access control - with individually coded card system;
  • Video monitoring system throughout the whole building;
  • Nurse calling alarm system in all wards and toilets;
  • A synchronized clock system;
  • Testo Saveris temperature and humidity monitoring, recording and alarm system - allows automatic measurement of temperature and humidity in all critical areas (laboratories, refrigerators and freezers, investigational product storage room, archive), with instantaneous signaling/alarming via SMS in case of temperature and/or humidity drop ups/downs;
  • Smoke detection system / fire alarm system;
  • Centralized fire suppresion system;
  • Water level sensor in the archive in case of flooding;
  • Security Alarm System;
  • Centralized, computer-controlled back-up generator.