About us

Pharmaceutical companies and research laboratories are in a constant competition for their new products, whether this is a generic or novel molecule to reach the market as soon as possible. In the same time, patients want to benefit from the latest and most effective therapies.


Because patient safety is essential, all these new molecules, substances or generic products are subject to a very careful examination, which is a long and often difficult procedure before reaching the final beneficiary: the patient.


The main purpose of our Clinical and Analytical Research Center is to fulfill these needs, and to ensure our partners about the safety and quality of all trials we conduct.


Our center includes a Clinical Unit, a highly equipped Bioanalytical Laboratory and a Clinical Laboratory.


Our center is one of the most modern clinical and bioanalytical research centers in Romania, with highly qualified personnel, at the disposition of the drug manufacturers.


By collaborating with us, you will significantly reduce the time required for the approval of your product.

We represent the best solution in the accelerated development of the latest generation of pharmaceuticals, by offering a cost-effective, high quality service!